CIA-Bolivia: source of USA cocaine

Michael Levine was a DEA agent in Miami for over 20 years, mostly covering the south american drug producing nations and dealers.

Reading Michael Levine's books and articles opens my eyes to the idea that the CIA actually gets in the way of DEA drug busts because the CIA is the main importer of drugs into the USA. So many of the top dealers/producers from Bolivia and other south american countries that were arrested with clear evidence that would have convicted them were let go "for lack of evidence".

Levine was frustrated, and felt pretty foolish for being such a good agent who believed the US government and CIA were supporting the war on drugs and that it was going to take drugs and dealers off the streets. We should all feel so foolish for believing it. Instead, it was the CIA who brought most of the drugs into America, much more than the Medillin Cartel of any of those operators.

Media control on this issue is complete. They happily parade all those busts of low-level drug dealers on TV screens, and completely ignore what Michael Levine was showing them, complete with evidence, photos, names, etc. The news story of the century would be to show the CIA importing drugs and installing cocaine-friendly governments in Bolivia, etc. That would get ratings up!!! - but ratings are not worth it to our mass media.... the powerfull drug dealing legal system would just "erase" those news producers who did manage to show it, but more likely someone in the CIA would get wind of it and such a show would never make the airwaves. News with that kind of truth would get you killed.

This wasn't just a drug shipment in the 1980's, this is continuous massive amount of cocaine coming into the USA. Still, today, yes. The money goes where? Not all of it is used to do Iran-Contra arms deals. Some of it must stay with the CIA agents and management for their own personal fortunes, to keep them in line. It is $billions every year, enough to fund some big projects, like overthrowing other governments for other money-making projects like heroin from Afghanistan or oil from Iraq. . The CIA would be the ones to organise that kind of thing.

It is all pretty overwhleming stuff, especially to a drug addict who has been empowered of late to stand up for their rights to access certain natural plants and the drugs they make, like poppies and cocoa leaves, if they so choose; those addicts might now start to wonder if they are being used by the CIA drug dealing humps. Playing into the hands of evil people by standing up for our rights against prohibition.

And then prohibition - is it just a tool for the CIA to corner the street drug markets? Is the War on Drugs just a similiar tool? Maybe not originally, but those legal proclamations have morphed into being a real sweet situation for the top drug peddlars.

There is a lot of confusion and cloaking and deception going on with the War on Drugs, with the highest political and legal people being the main players. "More addicts than ever" is evidence that the war on drugs is not working, and it also happens to be one of the goals of the War on Drugs - create more addicts for more sales, more profits. And ya, more messed up poor people who will never be political activists. We just don't get it done, we are sidelined by our drug addiction - yes, I am addicted to prescribed morphine, 15 years of "doctor prescribed addiction" that I believed was my right but now I see I was a great big fool and that the doctor is the dealer. [yes,I continue to try to quit, but after 15 years it is nearly impossible to tolerate the withdrawals and I always just run away when in de-tox; there are no detox facilities that will let you sign off "to keep me here no matter how bad I want to leave" ; there are really no programs to help me quit].

CIA, Phamaceutical Giants, Coc and Heroin dealers, even the US attorney general's office are all happy that I allowed myself to become an addict. It would not have made any difference to them if it were to cocaine, heroin, or prescribed morphine - they all benefit those same players.

Exerpts from his books are found in this article, at this link: (external - login to view)
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There have been several books on the topic but most Yanks are too afraid to read them. The truth hurts and that's why so many of us look the other way rather than to confront this truth.

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