Time or money?

What do you value more?

Time or money?
I need a blend, with more emphasis on Time than Money by a large margin. But you need a little money to make the time worthwhile.
Money. I'm a single bachelor. I got lots of time on my hands.
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What do you value more?

Time or money?

Which ever one is most needed is the most valued. If you're working lots, you likely don't need money, then time is more important. If you've got scads of time on your hands, it's probably because you're not working, and need money. I strive for balance between the two in my family life personally. As nice as money is, I like hubby too. But I don't like hubby when he's stressed about money. balance balance balance.
i think it all depends...but currently i'd need time. I realize if i had more of it, things would just get done so much better.
So right now i value time more then money. But again, it all depends.
I'm retired, so time isn't a problem, I almost never watch the news, seldom know what day it is, much less the date, even lose track of the month. Money isn't a problem, but don't care to travel anymore, because its such a pain in the butt. I'm building a plane, but have finally become so lazy that it disgusts me( if I could care enough). Maybe I need an extra 24 hours a day to do the things I should be doing. When I first stopped working, I was like a fart in a mitt, now, I'm lazier than a yellow dog.
Time is everything.
Dexter Sinister
I too am retired, so I have plenty of time to do whatever I want, and thanks to good planning and some luck, I have more than enough money to do whatever I want, because my wants are quite simple. Little bit of travel (mostly to go fishing), good books, and the supplies and equipment to indulge my hobbies of photography, music, model building, fine carpentry, and messing about with computers. This is the best job I've ever had.

Before I retired though, the issue was always time. Money's never been an issue in my life, I've always had at least enough and, barring a complete and utter collapse of the Canadian economy, I always will have.
Time for sure. I don't need much money to get by. As for time, there are so many things I'd like to do...I pretty much want to do everything, but there isn't time for that.
Like Lysyfacet said, it depends, but right now it is money for me. Time is an issue, too, but when I have more money than I do now, I will probably be able to give myself a little break from making it.
Time, I value Time ,not in a clock watcher way ,more like day verus night --
El Barto
Well i'll make a comprimise, if you have the money I have the time....
Then if I had the money I'd make the time.........sundails are cheapr
Libra Girl
Time, I need time... Oh why don't we have a 35 hour day.
Whether I or anyone else values one or the other more doesn't change that time is the overall most valuable resourse here or anywhere else.
If we had - if we could experience, unlimited time, we would have absolutly no need for money.
Money because my watch is broken.

Too little time.
Depends on the day. Sometimes I have lots of time to look at unpaid bills.
Phil B
Time is money and money is time and I don't have a lot of either.

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