Hi Pangloss. I see you have a radio background. Perhaps you want to remain anonymous on the name of the show etc but it sounds very interesting. If you feel ok about sharing your experience with radio that would be an interesting read for us. On a personal note I have been invited to participate in a CBC National Radio panel. I have never been on radio. Do you have any words of wisdom to pass on to someone who doesn't know what to expect? A producer is to contact me shortly. Are there any questions I should ask the producer? The topic is somewhat health/legal related.
Hey Kreskin -

Love to chat on this - I'll bet there are plenty of journalists/broadcasters that post here as well. Let's get into this a little later - I'm fixing the neighbourhood kid's bikes all day.

At least the kids bring their moms over.

How did you make out kid's bike fixing?
I have to say that I am interested in this as well. I used to work in television and radio...more doing commercials, though branching out into other areas whenever possible.
Pangloss, it appears the radio thing I mentioned above is an investigative report. I'm expecting a call from a producer in the next few minutes. It looks like I'm unintentionally in the centre of a controversy. Kind of freaky.

Perhaps your forum experience will help? lol
I had a chat with a producer and it doesn't sound like they are going to cover the investigative report issue at all. Tis fine with me, I don't need another brouhaha. It turns out the program will be a completely different CBC program than the show broadcasting the controversial issues.
Well I did the radio show today. A 20 minute segment on CBC Radio "Sounds Like Canada". I think it went ok. My wife said it did, but then again would she say it didn't?
I'm sure you did well Kreskin, but I'm curious. What was the subject under discussion? Did you feel you were able to contribute what you wanted to?
The topic was in vitro fertilization. CBC is doing a lot of coverage this week on the Human Reproduction Act. We didn't get into the controversial issues that were brought up in their investigative reports. This was very civil, even enjoyable.
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