Hello, I`m a newbie

Just wanted to say a big hello to everyone and I can`t wait to meet you and talk about....stuff...hehe.
hello newbie :0) hows life?
Life is good. Thought I would join a forum to help pass the time at work on those slow days.
This place seems neat. Will take me some time getting used to it.
I remember the feeling. it's easy to get along, though.

tell us something about yourself.
Hmmm....I am alomst 25, work for the Governement. Enjoy football, hockey and videogames. I am a man trapped in a woman`s body. LOL.....oh and I LOVE beer.
Is there a place to post a pic of ourselves? I can then put some faces to your names?
Welcome Meeshee, I am the most important person here, others will disagree but for the most part they don't know what they're talking about. Have fun.
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we've got a thread somewhere. don't know where. some have their avatar as their picture. Like me

You'll find friends here with a love of beer, especially if you have a woman's body. I expect some of them will be very interested to meet you.
I`ll see if I can change my avatar....hehe.
Darkbeaver, you might have once been the most important person here, but now I am...hehe. You have been replaced...lol....
you wont be able to to use an avatar until you've got a few posts under your belt I think. Some of the functions remain dormant until you're shown to be a good citizen
this is a picture of me:
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LMAO...very handsome....hehe.
OK, well eventually I will post my pic when I am deemed cool.
welcome Meeshee, nice to meet ya. Looks like you're already settling in. Look around, get to know folks, have fun and jump in whenever ya feel like it.
Thanks Zan, I will definately jump in all around. My voice should be heard....lol.
I am super sarcastic. Hope that never gets me in trouble on here.
we have a tradition here where when we want people to know we're being sarcastic we write it in "sarcastic purple"
it's useful in avoiding misunderstandings
LOLLL you came to the right place then. We even have a special color we use on our font for those sarcastic moments.

edit: ooops, Hermanntrude beat me to it.
That is perfect. I will definately use that....hehe.

Why don`t you guys tell me about yourselves.
well ok.
I'm a brit. Married to a newfie. Living in edmonton, working at the National Institute for Nanotechnology at the U of A.
I'm expecting (not personally) my first child in september, currently living away from my wife as we have separate contracts to finish working. We'll be reunited in June, when I may disappear entirely from the internet. Although I doubt it.
CONGRATS!!! You must be so excited! Do you know if it's a boy or girl? I really can't wait to have a child. I have a 12 year old step son...sorta. HeE is my fiance's boy. Great kid.

Will you decide to stay in Alberta when your contract is over?
we dont know. we had a scan at 18 weeks but the little bugger was shy. we're very excited. In fact the picture from the scan is posted in several vaguely connected places on this forum. there's a thread called "dinning alone" which gets a lot of chat-related stuff in it. It's in that one.
I will have to try and find it when I have a few minutes.
I am sure you two will be amazing parents
Libra Girl
Welcome Meeshee... I'm sure you'll enjoy CC.
I'm new too, love to discuss/debate on a friendly level, hope people in here are nice, because if they aren't I'll cry...lol
Quote: Originally Posted by dirtylinderView Post

I'm new too, love to discuss/debate on a friendly level, hope people in here are nice, because if they aren't I'll cry...lol

WEll I have been on here for 2 days and so far, people are awesome! Welcome!
L Gilbert
Hello, Meeshee. Welcome and enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by L GilbertView Post

Hello, Meeshee. Welcome and enjoy.

Thanks L Gilbert!
welcome dirtylinder. dare we ask why u chose the name? had you been gardening, for instance?
Libra Girl
Hi dirtylinder... no reason for you to cry, it's a very nice site. Welcome.
Libra Girl
Quote: Originally Posted by hermanntrudeView Post

welcome dirtylinder. dare we ask why u chose the name? had you been gardening, for instance?

If anyone was gonna ask, I just knew it would be you! lol
I am one of six girls, Dad always called me his only son, got dirty a lot! Loved to hang out with him as he worked as a heavy duty diesel mechanic...
I got the name dirtylinder when I was about 7 years old (my name is Linda), was in the ditch catching tadpoles, when a neighbour came out and called me dirtylinder...I ran home crying, and told Dad...needless to say, it stuck ever since. I am now Aunty Dirt 12 times over...it is a endearing term now.
We all have nicknames in our family..other ones are horsey, stubb, lone, stinky, and my dog is Smelly Ellie.
rofl auntie dirt.
My mum is sometimes known as auntie spot, because someone pointed at a photo and said "spot the auntie"

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