marrying with canadian girl

L Gilbert
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Temperance is tring to say she's available.

El Barto
Ahhh sorry Dad was talking about allllllll the other females in this country, not about ANNA , noooooooooo way.
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I have been disappointed by the behavior of my parents and lost hope in family and marriage. What do you think about marriage? Are all women the same? I am really confused about marriage please tell me.
People who marry strangers , don't marry for the sake of marriage but only to gain citizenship. They want to find oppurtunities to earn better pay and have advanced facilities of the developed countries which their own countries can't offer.
lone wolf
I'll give you a couple of my ex g/fs' addresses. Just picture larger versions of Brittany. If you can survive the headgames, they'd be into the money. And the marriage? Well what does committment really mean anyhow?

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What kind of Canadian girl, French, English, Chinese, Danish, Greek, Italian, Aboriginal .....?

Stupidity transcends all levels of intelligence!
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