Depressed: 9/11 videos



- tribute


- tribute


- tribute


- FNC when it happened


- CNN when it happened

Word to the wise, if your in a good mood, don't watch these videos!

They get a person welled up.

I just somehow got onto watching these 9/11 videos, and now I am depressed

I was 19 when it happened, and in university, and everyone got to school we went to the autotorium, and they had the CNN coverage on there... weird experencing it with an entire university... then we were excused the day off..

Brings back memories... and makes me pro USA again!
I almost never watched the news, and I got to know that when our company's shuttle bus driver asked "you heard about those attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon? And I was like "what nonsense!" and couldn't believe it until I googled and saw the news myself.

Sometimes I still can't believe that really happened. Too horrible.
I know its world-stopping event.

Truly brings you back to the thing that changed our world forever.
Here's a couple of sites that had quite a few for download. (external - login to view) (external - login to view)
Those are 9/11 conspiracy videos...
That won't affect your depression unless it makes it even more depressing, it could alter you pro America stance somewhat.
America did not do 9/11 to themselves.

It was terroritst, hijacked airplanes, structual failure - PERIOD.
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I assume you mean 'did not' do.....
Those videos were made by Americans that disagree with the official version.
Americans who hate America that is.
I doubt that very much, they just want answers to their questions. Nobody seems to be interested in addressing those questions, top secret and all that stuff you know.
If I was to tell you something you had never heard anything about you would check my facts out right? It brings peace of mind and a foundation from which to put forth an opinion.

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