Teen who wants to wear anti-gay T-shirt takes battle to court

But over half the people on this thread are gay, aren't they? Now stop the lying! Be straight with us!
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I don't know if that number is right. It sure seems that it is more then 2%.

I have several gay friends, and one of them likes to talk about 10 to 15 percent but that seems to be right out of the ballpark. There was the French study I posted, and several American studies that suggest that something leass than 2 percent is more correct.
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6 666 666 is 2% of 300 million people

is about 6.5 million right for the amount of gays in the USA?

6 666 666, isn't that the number of the beast?...
No, Juan, the numbers are the universal symbol of 7 chubby chipmunks inhaling their nuts. You knew that!
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Be straight with us!

Hermmann's gay?

not that there's anything wrong with that
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