Most beautiful province in Canada

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British Columbia 14 56.00%
Alberta 0 0%
Saskatchewan 0 0%
Manitoba 0 0%
Ontario 4 16.00%
Quebec 1 4.00%
New Brunswick 1 4.00%
P.E.I. 0 0%
Nova Scotia 3 12.00%
Newfoundland 2 8.00%
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No palm trees.

palm trees shmalm trees
I remember what the guide said: "Look at those beautiful mountains!"
I replied, "In Ontario we call them rocks. And we've got plenty of them. We even have the shield. It's like a flat mountain, only a lot bigger."
"And look at the ocean! she said.
I smiled, "In Ontario we have the world's largest inland freshwater sea. And we nestle four smaller ones that would like to be just like it."
"And look at Vancouver!" she said.
"Looks a lot like Toronto," I said. "Only Toronto's bigger."
"Why don't you go home then!" she said.
"I am...tomorrow."
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Ontario is by far the most beautiful. Those extolling others are, of course, just trying to cover for a much nurtured (and insidious) inferiority complex. I make an allowance for that... it's not your fault.

And the choir shouts AMEN!!!
We went to Ontario once. Touched down in Toronto, stayed around there for a few days, drove up
to Algonquin Park (spel?), stayed at rock lake, went canoeing, saw a moose, very enjoyable.
It's amazing, I've never seen a moose in B.C., had to go to Ontario to do that, guess the moose there
are more sociable.
Went to two blue jays games. Drove to Niagara Falls, very nice, but too touristy. Good memories.
I won't go again.

My daughter and her husband were stationed at Downsview for a couple of years, north of Toronto.

We are going to take a couple of train trips within B.C., will be beautiful, and fun.
L Gilbert
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I've never been to Canada, but "Anne of Green Gables" books led me to believe that PEI is the most beautiful province LOL

You never watched "The Beachcombers"? Tsk tsk.

Scenes from BC:

L Gilbert
Er at least scenes from around here.
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Er at least scenes from around here.

Beautiful pictures, makes me restless, want to get in the car and "drive" and "look".
Haven't been to Man, Sask, or Alberta, but I've also been to Yukon and NWT - drove the Dempster Hwy up to Inuvik, and then flew up to Tuk for a bus tour.

I can't pick one over the others, because it all depends on what you consider beautiful. Oceans, beaches, mountains, river valleys.
L Gilbert
Well, I've been over just about all of BC and like I said, the variety of sceneries is expansive: from deserts to marshland, from flat areas to Rockies, from oceanfront to high north to wilderness to hectic urban areas.
There are webcams for much of British Columbia - the Island, Greater Vancouver, etc....

When I get homesick I just start to click on some of the favorite places of mine.... (external - login to view)
My wife and I are heading out to B.C. this Saturday. 3 days in Vancouver and 5 days in Campbell River. We haven't visited that area since the early '80's.
Ontario... you gotta be kidding me?

Ontario the most beautiful? BC surpasses them by miles.
I tried to find a way to attach Harry Bruce's column in Osprey newspapers today. It's all about the angry people in lotus land. Specifically Vancouver. Doesn't feel much like a happy place to me!
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My wife and I are heading out to B.C. this Saturday. 3 days in Vancouver and 5 days in Campbell River. We haven't visited that area since the early '80's.

Welcome to our province, "and" to our beautiful island.
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