5% of the people own 95% of the wealth

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I always knew this, but its stunning huh?

I mean it can't be that great for the economy when rich men save their money and don't spend it?

But wouldn't it be socialist to limit income/savings?

And people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, are putting all their money into helping other continents.

How does that help North America?

I don't know, main question, is 95% of the wealth being owned by 5% of the people GOOD or BAD?
L Gilbert
Personally, I can't see a rational explanation for amassing vastly more than one could use unless it's to become a philanthropist. T'were me, I'd keep enough to make my family and my family's next generation comfortable and then start dishing it out to whomever needs it more than me.
I'd start a scholarship fund if I ever made it big. I can remember a while back there was some uproar over Boston College offering a "white only" scholarship. I thought it was funny, just because every group out there has ethno/gender/creed specific scholarships except white males. Not that I would start a scholarship like that, mine would probably be for persons like myself who didn't apply themselves and went into the workforce, then want to go to school but couldn't afford it. Probably something like an essay, and then a requirement to maintain a GPA at school.
L Gilbert
That'd be a good one. Myself I was thinking about donating water purification systems to wherever there wasn't good water. It's nasty being without water. But, I think I'd probably do other things besides that, too.
Yah, it would be nice to be able to be a philanthropist. Theres lots of people who could use some help with various aspects in their life, to horde large sums of money doesn't seem kosher to me. It's like Forrest Gump's mama said, "Theres only so much a money a man needs, the rest is just for show".
If I was as rich as Minos I'd slowly buy back the continent and let it slide into the paradise it used to be before humans left their footprint here. I'd love to see what Toronto looked like before they asphalted her. It would be a most noble undertaking.
L Gilbert
That'd take as long as nuking the entire thing then waiting for it all the regrow.
Gilbert, I'd hire professional contractors to get the cement, brick and other crap out of the way. I'd owe it to the world to do the right thing if I had big bucks. Every human settlement would be on notice.
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