unclaimed money!!!

Sean D
Hey, anyone ever looked here to see if they have any long lost bank accounts? Just go to "services" then "unclaimed balances". It is amazing how much money people have forgot about. I found that the Holiday Inn in Pointe Claire Quebec has about 2300 dollars they have not claimed since 1995. Take alook you might find some money
www.bankofcanada.ca/en/index.html (external - login to view)
i'm sure as hell there's no money that belongs to me anywhere except in my pocket. Technically even that's not mine.
Sean D
I searched out all my great grandparents etc... to see if they might have left me anything...sadly they left me nothing
if they had, you'd think they would have told you, or written it down somewhere
Sean D
I was hoping that they may have forgot that they left a couple of thousand dollars in the bank . I did a search on different names you really would be surprise what has been unclaimed
Libra Girl
Unclaimed money?? It's mine... allllll mine!

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