Soft drink saves the life of cooked hamster

Ribena saves cooked hamster

by JOHN HIGGINSON - Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy hamster: the survivor

Bottle of Ribena

A hamster was miraculously brought back to life after being cooked by accident.

The pet, called Christmas, must have had a gnawing feeling something was wrong when his cage was left on top of an oven and the hob was turned on by mistake.

The cage burst into flames and Christmas became a furry fireball.

When firefighters arrived to put out the blaze, the rodent was lying on his back with his charred legs in the air and tongue hanging out.

Officer Mark Spinks, 36, admitted: 'We all looked at each other and said, “That hamster is a goner”.'

But when colleagues gave Christmas a blast of oxygen, a few nips of Ribena and rubbed his belly, they were amazed to see him splutter back to life.

The drama unfolded after owner Stacy Bell, 24, moved Christmas into the kitchen because he was keeping son Dylan, four, awake.

Christmas is now recovering but hamster, egg and chips is unlikely to return to the menu at the Bell household in Dagenham, Essex.

Mrs Bell said: 'I am pleased Christmas is OK. The firemen were brilliant.'
Yes, the Ribena (not a soft drink BTW, but rather a juice concentrate), saved the day. Not the oxygen. Or the chest massage. Or, the firefigthers for that matter. lol.
surprised the poor bugger didnt dissolve
crispy fried hamster please

rould you like egg flied rice with that sir?
You've got it all wrong. The stupid little bugger just escaped from the marinade.

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