OMG, worst birthday ever...spoiled brat

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C'mon folks, the girl KNEW she's going to get a car; she just didn't expect that it will be red, she hates red. That's why she overreacts a little bit about wrong color...

The girl is a spoiled selfish brat, and her dad is a stupid idiot who hasn't a clue how to be a parent.
I still can't believe this is genuine, must be a rehersed scene, a hoax.
Don't these people know how the rest of the world lives, people like this make me sick.
Make her work for half of the cost of a car, then kick in the other half, and buy a "used" car, 5 yrs
old or more.
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I did a bit of searching and found this among the comments on her account

Now we know why Youtube was worth $1.6 B. Certainly not because the new owners are aultruistic and want to preserve the internet as a free and open medium for the exchange of information and ideas.
Look at the trffic they generated with that fake video. And it's not even April 1 yet. I must say some here were eating it up.
Thanks for the leg work Self.

= BS
I think not
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In her Defense


LOL! The RED car doesn't match her BLUE eyes?

Smack her around a few times, purple would be closer to blue.
I think not, let me help! I'm fond of talk but it ain't as effective as action.

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