Suicide-plagued Kashechewan a 'community in crisis'

You are not the only one that is puzzled.

Give me some time to answer your questions, I don't have all the answers, it hasn't been at the top of my list of issues for a while.
I have alway thought that the white man and his government has always tried to force a white man's solution on the natives. Why not have real and HONEST discussion with them to find out what will work. The native people enough brains to solve this problem, but they are always treated as of they don't, can you imagine how frustrating that can be.


Why are they on reservations in the first place? WE put them there! How would we like if the gouvt. had done the same with us. Maybe we would have the same problems. It is our responsibility to clean up our mess but with a lot of input from the native peoples.
That's why I'm in favour of funding natives directly, on an individual basis. Bypass the chiefs and the lobbyists, let the people figure out what's best for themselves. In my opinion that necessarily means leaving the great northern wilderness and more closely integrating into modern life.
The Globe had an excellent article on K's dilemma yesterday. It seems the people there have tentatively made up their mind. They want to stay in the same area, only move 30 km inland to higher ground. But without economic prospects the social problems that bedevil them will remain and worsen. Their young people will continue to despair and the suicide rate will continue to climb and other social problems fester. A solution has to be reached but more of the same can't be what the people of Kashechewan really want. If we allow the natives of K to choose to remain in their isolated domain we will continue to air their problems in the press for years to come. And, yes, we will blame ourselves then for not acting decisively now.
MOve 30 km inland??? That's their plan??? Maybe they can't be trusted to make their own decisions.
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MOve 30 km inland??? That's their plan??? Maybe they can't be trusted to make their own decisions.

it may help solve the water supply problem, which is a start... IMO people live on reservations because they love the land they grew up on, and so why would they move to toronto or edmonton or montreal?

In fox lake they used to live by a river, but moved about 20km away from the river to be by the lake. The lake then promptly dried up, but the town still remains in place, and ceremonies etc are undertaken at the original site by the river.
Relocating didn't do squat for the people of Davis Inlet, did it? New homes and a new location, but within a year it was back to living in squalor amid rampant social ills. Kids aren't killing themselves in Kashechewan because of bad water, they are killing themselves because they have no hope and no future where they are. That doesn't mean they all have to move to Toronto, Montreal or Edmonton. IMHO it does mean they should move to where they can enjoy some genuine economic opportunities.

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