As it says on the London Dungeon's website -

"Deep in the heart of London, buried beneath the paving stones of historic Southwark, lies the world's most chillingly famous horror attraction.

The London Dungeon brings more than 2,000 years of gruesomely authentic history vividly back to life....and death.

As you delve into the darkest chapters of our grim and bloody past, recreated in all its dreadful detail, remember:

everything you experience really happened. A warning - in the Dungeon's dark catacombs it always pays to keep your wits about you... some of the 'exhibits' have an unnerving habit of coming back to life."

but, according to Jay Westwood, a man who works there at night, it really DOES have ghosts........

Ghouls made me down tools!


January 27, 2007

"Haunted": The London Dungeon

JITTERY Jay Westwood quit the night shift at a spooky tourist attraction — as HE was scared stiff.

The nervous 25-year-old lasted just one night installing a grisly hanging ride — based on the dreaded drop at the gallows.

While mates worked during the day, Jay came in at night to ensure the 1million ride was ready on time at London Dungeon.

The tourist attraction brings to life the grisly and ghoulish aspects of Britain's past

The museum of horrors on the South Bank of the Thames near London Bridge station covers 2,000 years of atrocities, with exhibits including Jack the Ripper and the Torture Chamber.

Technician Jay said: “It’s scary enough during the day but at night you can hear a pin drop and there are creaks and groans.

"There are mirrors that distort everything and the eyes on the figures follow you around when you are walking. I thought any minute one would come to life.

“One night walking around in that freak show, I can promise you, was one too many”.

Site technician John Marsh, 54, said: “We thought Jay was mucking about — then realised he was playing the wuss.”

Bosses have brought in another technician on nights to get Extremis: Drop Ride to Death open within a week.

General manager Colin Thomas, said: “We know it’s not a great place to work late but we have found a guy who is not afraid of things that go bump in the night.”
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