Wow vinod1975, who are you?

Have you ever been to India , if yes then to what all parts.

Salaam & Namste
-From India

What part of India are you from? I have a friend from New Delhi, he may still be there visiting his family and attend a mutual friends wedding.

I am 32 years old from New Delhi and Proud to be Indian and I respect all countries and there culture I am post graduate with Computer Applications and have done MCSE , CCNA and currently on getting Certified Red Hat Linux , I love computers and computer problems love to troubleshoot any computer related probelm love to answer all of them if Admin allows the same....
Welcome here and I have a question is your last name Sharma (i'm just curious is all ^^)
My Full Name is Vinod Sharma 32 Years old Male , Have two Grad Degrees and One Masters Degree in Computer Science and Few Certifications
I am a Professional ; experienced in Networking and Computer Hardware , committed for pursuing a long-term, challenging and result oriented career. Well-developed organizational skills and ability to identify work plans consider priorities..
Key Knowledge Area
  • Good Knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4.0
  • Theoretical Knowledge of Storage devices and RAID , Exchange server and Backups for Microsoft OS
  • Theoretical Knowledge of ATM, Frame Relay and ISDN (BRI and PRI).
  • Basics of RIP, IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF with a combination of BGP Protocol.
  • Practical exposure to wired and wireless LAN setup with protocols such as TCP/IP.
  • System assembling, troubleshooting of hardware, software and Internet Applications.
  • Understanding of TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, HTTP, and other internet protocols.
  • Email clients; outlook exp and Microsoft outlook on windows and Evolution and Mozila Firefox on Linux
  • VPN Implementation (both PPTP and IPSec). Firewall Architecture (NAT).
  • Wireless 802.11 A/B/G/N standard , SOHO Routers, AP, Camera, n/w cards for PDA, USB and PCI etc.
I wanted to share something with you. It might help us to understand your english better but I dont know what your primary language is. Im hoping this will help us all understand you a bit better. (external - login to view)

I am an Indian and I use british English no american.....
coming to CANADA soon



(external - login to view)Windows Vista(Part of the Microsoft Windows (external - login to view) family)Screenshot (external - login to view)
Screenshot of Windows VistaDeveloperMicrosoftWeb site: (external - login to view)Release informationRelease date:November 8 (external - login to view), 2006 (external - login to view) info (external - login to view)Current version:6.0 (Build 6000) (January 30th (external - login to view) 2007 (external - login to view)) info (external - login to view)Source model:Shared source (external - login to view)License (external - login to view):MS (external - login to view)-EULA (external - login to view)Kernel (external - login to view) type:Hybrid kernel (external - login to view)Support statusSupported
Released November 8 (external - login to view), 2006 (external - login to view) to manufacturing. on November 17 (external - login to view), 2006 (external - login to view) to MSDN (external - login to view) subscribers.
Released on November 30 (external - login to view), 2006 (external - login to view) to manufacturing.
Released on November 30 (external - login to view), 2006 (external - login to view) for volume license customers.
Released on January 30 (external - login to view), 2007 (external - login to view) for worldwide retail availability.Further reading
  • Features new to Windows Vista (external - login to view)
  • Security and safety features new to Windows Vista (external - login to view)
  • Development of Windows Vista (external - login to view)
  • Criticism of Windows Vista (external - login to view)
Windows Vista is the latest release of Microsoft Windows (external - login to view), a line of graphical operating systems (external - login to view) used on
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Yeah, the CIC isn't the speediest bunch.

they're a LOT faster if u marry a canadian. maybe you could arrange that vinod?
ok , then please....
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