Ok, My husband got a phone call from the head hunter & was told that Melaleuca is offering him the post of Production Engineer. The $$ is good(50% more than now), so he’s very glad about it. But I’m not b/c I don’t like these direct sale kind of companies. All I hear is “Melaleuca fraud” and “Melaleuca scam”. Well yes his job is the production part, but still, if there’s problem with its marketing then these production guys won’t have a good career in this company.

I don’t want him to go to this company cus I think there’re risks. And now he’s scared too, after I told him all the negative stuff about Melaleuca. (yes, he's so persuadable)

But………………….50% more of his current salary is a big chunk of $$! And in fact I’ve never had any experience with this company myself, which means I don’t really know anything about it.

Whoever has heard of / knows about this company………or whoever is interested in this topic, pls do give me some opinions.

He’s going to sign on the offer letter tomorrow(or turn it down?). So it’s urgent. (I told him to search for some information about this company every time before & after he had the interviews, but he just didn’t listen to me and spent all his spare time on that stupid online game.)
Melaleuca / Smiling Fish

Re your taking the time to write about this here indicates you have some doubts floating around in that wise head of yours.....Production of a product means there has to be a sale of a product.... is there?

I Google'd Melaleuca and got this at the top of the list and I beg you to read the woman's advice: (external - login to view)

There are tons of articles written about the Aussie concoction some pushing it...some warning about it...
The product itself seemed ok - I bought some cream and hand lotion and it was fine but no better than what I could find locally in the drug store or department cosmetic counter...and much more expensive.

I hope your husband does more investigation than a neighbor of mine did. In the early days of his retirement he became bored with no work schedule in his lazy days.... so he hooked up with one of the companies pushing the product. He drove us all crazy with his sales calls and the product was expensive.... not only did he squander his "mad money" in his bank account, he and his wife had to take out another mortgage on the home they had owned outright for ten years prior to his retirement....

He also lost quite a few friends because we didn't know how to tell him to back off.... (I left it up to my husband because I am 100% coward).

Remember if it sounds too good to be true ... it isn't. Please check with your authorities wherever you live....your future depends on it.
Thank you……….but, um, I don’t get you.

Currently he works for a “fortune 500” company as a workshop supervisor/maintenance engineer. I just think his next employer should still be a “fortune 500” kind of company, not this small and tricky one.

It is small. He told me their plant was very small when he came back home after the interview. He also told me the interviewer said, “ our company is a rapidly growing one”(and I was like: oh so you graduated yesterday? Who believes in that kind of crap?).

He had another interview with Nivea weeks ago but didn’t make it. If it were Nivea(with the same salary), I'd be thrilled. Sigh.
Smiling Fish

Sorry you didn't get my point.

I had experience with the product which is what you asked for.

It is sold through direct customer marketing rather than retail.... which is iffy.

Whether your husband is in production or sales or management ... the product has to be hot and selling before you make excellent money.... any of the employees...and to give up a good job for one with future
"potential" is a sales gimmick. Melaleuca isn't new.... it has been around since the 80s. Or earlier. If you have to ask people if "they have ever heard of it"....should tell the story.

I would think the decision is obvious regardless of the "forecasting" the interviewer is spinning.
You are right.
I still don't think this is the right one for him. Don't want to put our whole family at risk.
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