Racism around the world

Racisms, like any other issues are from the inability to recognize the people as a equal individual with biased and absurd opinions. Overcoming it through internal personality is required in order for the society to advance.
Racism is just one of many isms and it certainly isn't the most important one. Speciesism is far more devastating to the planet. The belief that our species is more deserving than all the rest by virtue of our intelligence. One gift amongst the many enjoyed by all the creatures of the earth. As soon as humans are forced to recognize and respect the habitat and resource needs of earth's besieged animal kingdom we'll really have accomplished something. Racism is child's play by comparison. Oh, and happy new year!
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Wow, what an interesting topic. I find Canada to be probably the worst source of racism I've felt towards myself as a white male. Not only does everybody but white males, females to a lesser degree get special treatment in some form or another in the private sector and government through legislation, but we're specifically targetted through the media (especially blatantly Black Entertainment Television) as being cool to hate.

This will only eventually backfire when people like myself have had enough and either fight or flee. The wealth, culture and success of Canada originate from nowhere else but the work and genius of European immigrants. Now that they're being turned aside for third worlders by the government, Canada will only fall in terms of quality of life.

Are you trying to say that only European immigrants to Canada can make Canada rich but not workers from outside Europe?
Blackleaf, he was merely articulating the state of affairs in a PC hijacked Canada. The Canuck government has been so busy kissing *** for years now it often looks like one.
Racism - or suspicion of one's differences when compared with others is primitive and originally was a means of survival and suspicion among differing land tribes.

With the knowledge and ability to travel available to all these days - racism is clinging to old outmoded and government-sponsored "double-speak" inadequate legislation demanding special privilege for some rather than expecting and trusting grown people to work it out for themselves.

PC actually separates rather than integrates. Nobody looks behind them at the guy paddling a canoe if that canoe is taking all of the passengers to safety and success. We are all paddling our way through life and things would be pretty comfortable if the governments would stop pushing "racism" to the people and they do in so many ways - because it allows for legislation and vote-getting to pandered groups.

When I see people grumbling about the influx of certain immigrants - their next comment is generally what the "government gives them or awards them" over the existing residents and inhabitants. Look what separation of the First Nations peoples and the European invaders did? It regressed one group to
unmentional lifestyle ... but I won't get into that here....because I am addressing ALL racial groups.

Racism also sucks. It keeps us from evolving.

My solution? Intermarriage...... It's the next step in our ever decreasing world.... there are no "strangers" among us any more.

My example? Tiger Woods is busily making a cub right now and I can't think of a better person to demonstrate how beautiful mixed race marriage can be - the best of both worlds - and it makes me
wonder what our governments are afraid of?
Have you shared your special ideas with China and Japan? I'll pay for your ticket there if I can come and watch the reception!
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If I understand your question correctly, the reason for this is the ultimate goal of a family to have a male child to carry the family name. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Similar thing in India. In fact, since India doesn't have any child controls, it's population will exceed China's in a matter of years.

I heard a different opinion. That it was done purely to overpopulate the world to simply take the control of it. Same story with the muslims now, the empty headed didn't learn from Chinese, but only think that they can control the world. What can I say, like someone here said before, stupid people are always around, and it seems in some nations it's the 99% of them.
What about the incident which happens few days back in UK on very popular TV serial BIG Brother

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