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Hi Self

She was certainly a brat - but a delightful one and made no attempt at artifice ..... I liked her in your face honesty - and El Becko was so sweet translating for her.

Never know what we are going to read on forums eh?
LOL never know. As a parent I like the fact noone helped her straight up. I does kids absolutely no good to do their homework for them. But kids are SOOOOOOOOOOOo resourceful LOL
Romana Croatia
Bla bla bla ....
(and I'm over 18 years old ...)
And your point is? I had a 22 year old that WAS a PERFECT Brat I adored him anyway Where are you from? (What country)

Im curious to know what language your post was


Draga Znatiželjo,

... kao da sam Vas tražila da 5 dana orete njivu i radite na baušteli.
Samo malu pomoć sam trebala a Vi tu meni o nekoj romantici na francuskom i neke moralne propovjedi. Htjela sam si olakšat posao internetom... no vidim, pogriješila sam. da sam htjela radit to sama nebih vas tražila pomoć... a još dobijem i vrijeđanja.... mislila sam da su ljudi u kanadi ljubazniji ....
A ako je tvoja "wit" tako velik... prevedi si ovo... sigurna sam da ti nijedan riječnik neće pomoć ...
zbogom pametnjakovići.

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Romana Croatia
I'm from Croatia...
Now depends how good is your Geography ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Romana CroatiaView Post

I'm from Croatia...
Now depends how good is your Geography ...

LOL It sucks. Its my very worst subject in the intire world LOL I was really just curious about the language

Here is Romana's looks so talks about their industries but doesn't include having resident intellectuals who can speak English like a professional!!!


A town in the Lonja-Ilova basin, in the southern piedmont part of Bilogora, 80 km west of Zagreb; elevation 135 m; population 26,926. Cultural, administrative and business centre of the Bilo-gora-Moslavina region. Major industries include food processing (milling industry, meat products, alcoholic drinks, dairy products, biscuits), building contracting and metal processing. Bjelovar is located on the main road (M1.3). The railroad via Krizevci connects Bjelovar with Zagreb and another one via Virovitica connects it with Osijek.
Among cultural and historical monuments of this town, built according to physical plans, the most interesting are the Town Museum building, the parish church of St. Theresa with the Historic Archives and the "Preradovic" barracks.
Bjelovar Livestock Exhibition (in September) is the main annual event in the town. Sports grounds and outdoor swimming pools, as well as the surrounding forests (Bilogora) provide various sports and recreational opportunities. The forests are rich in game. There is an abundance of fish in the Cesma and Plavnica rivers, as well as in the fishponds Siscani, Narta, etc.
LOL thankyou. She is a little scamp isnt she (lets see if she knows what that means )
Romana Croatia
Quote: Originally Posted by selfactivatedView Post

LOL thankyou. She is a little scamp isnt she (lets see if she knows what that means )

Haha, no, I'm just ingenious. LOL
Of course I know - little scamp in Croatian would be - lupež
Here in Croatia, we are watching movies in English with Croatian subtitles. I think that is the reason why I understand English... But I need more pratcise, and I should talk to more English people to improve it- my grammar sucks.
Yes, Bjelovar is a small town near capital - Zagreb.
It's a beutiful town with friendly people
Some picture for someone who is interested ....


my highschool

center of Bjelovar


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