Someone had asked me to post my childrens story that Ive copywrited. Well here it is. Please remember its a rough draft and there is a second part already written but I wont bore you with it unless you twist my arm.


This story begins with a scared little girl named Tam. Tam was six and very alone. She was hurt badly by people very close to her. One night after a particularly bad hurt, she was hiding under the covers and she heard a noise. As she peered out of the window a very large bird came down from the sky. He was huge compared to the six year old, but she wasnít scared. He flew right through the glass and landed on the bed. Tam said nothing, but reached out to stroke the feathers of the regal bird. He reached a wing out to her as she knowingly took it. As if she was lighter than air itself she effortlessly with just a whoosh was far above the house.
In her heart she knew his name, Kumchaka. He asked her if she was scared. Tam shook her head no. Her eyes wide with wonder as she took in all her big blue eyes could see. From high in the sky she could see the top of her house. She could see the woods and the town. They went high into the stars, close to the moon, its glow shone on her like fairy dust. The darkness there didnít scare her because it really wasnít dark. There was a glow everywhere. Then Kumchaka took her down back towards the earth. They flew closer and closer, as they neared, the green blue ball turned into a luscious green trees and deep blue waters. Closer still they went until Tam could see a valley, half way up a cliff was a ridge. On this ridge stood a...

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Self your story leaves me emmensely sad, what a brave woman you have become to share such a story. Bravo young lady, bravo.
I want to refine it to be used in healing molested children. I have high hopes for it. If it does work then all the "bad" was worth it. Thank you for your kind words.
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