Riots as Englishmen dressed as Robin Hood give away $4000 in New York

Modern day Robin Hoods prove internet hit

Former Chelsea and Italy footballer Gianfranco Zola poses as Robin Hood

A video of three mysterious Britons dressed as Robin Hood and his Merry Men giving away 4,000 dollars (2,100) in New York has become an internet hit.

The footage showing the trio throwing the cash into the air in Washington Square Park is the top featured clip on YouTube and has already been viewed more than 40,000 times.

Delighted passers-by are shown scrambling to pick up the notes scattered by the "Modern Day Robin Hoods", who said they were from Sheffield and wanted to encourage people to "give something back'' and be more polite.

But on their website ( (external - login to view)) the group said they had cancelled a second event in the city, in which they were to have handed out 11,000 dollars (5,800) at a Brooklyn shopping centre, because of local press coverage which said the first stunt created a mini-riot.

They said they were likely to leave for another city, where their "real work'' would begin.
"We will be announcing our intended direction over the coming days,'' the group wrote.

"We never anticipated such a big response and as you can tell from the sheer laughter in the video, everybody's spirits were high and we all thoroughly enjoyed this, we hope you do too.''

It was unclear exactly what the purpose of the "cash blow out'' was.

The Modern Day Robin Hoods' website is registered to the same name and Sheffield address as someone listed as the registrant contact for a recruitment agency providing entertainers and models for promotional events.

The site and a MySpace page were attracting plenty of comments, some applauding the cash giveaway and others saying it would have been better to have given the money directly to those who really needed it.

Before the stunt the group's founder, who simply called himself Oliver, told the New York Post: "I want people to have a little more common courtesy towards their fellow human beings.

"We hope this encourages people to give something back. It feels good to give.''

They entered the park and announced through a megaphone: "What you are about to see will amaze you. We are mad Englishmen.''

Daniel, a 6ft 6in man dressed as Little John, said: "There's a real lack of courtesy in the world.

"The world would be a better place if people were more courteous, but the English are very sceptical, so we decided to come to New York.''
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