Croak-adiles and b-eagles: weird animal mixes (Animal Mixes)

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Saturday 18th November 2006

Barking mad ... yesterday's story in The Sun

November 18, 2006

DOCTOR Dolittle would be rubbing his eyes in shock.

Our story yesterday about the cat which had pups after mating with a dog has ruffled a few feathers.

We haven’t gone animal crackers, however.

These cross-breeds - shown below - were created on computer by photographer Steve Wood.

Ruff-led feathers ... labrador meets budgie

Croak-a-dile ... a croc's head on a toad


B-eagle's about ... eagle's head on a dog's body


Man's beast friend ... hound's gone ape


Nutty idea ... a squirrel crossed with a cat
I'm finding this hardest to believe because the girl in the story is 18 and wearing black nail polish. She doesn't scream sincerity. Plus why would the kitten babies die and the puppy babies live? If they came from a cat, wouldn't the catlike ones live?

Can't we just call this a hoax and call it a day? Just because the cat is nursing them doesn't mean they're hers.

Does anyone else doubt this story?

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