You may find this hard to beleive

But I believe this to be the greatest and most important song ever written. everytime I hear it I get teary eyed. Not like when i hear Amazing Grace, done by the 48th Highlanders, nope that just makes me ball(Colpy, likely will understand that).

No this song is so beautiful, both lyrical meaning, and the tune, that my psycy has difficulty dealling with it, I think. It;s like a sweet sorrow, like remembering a long lost puppy or friend.

Imagine if this song came true. Just Imagine.


I am a little surprised, but not too much I love this song too!
John Lennon has written many powerful songs. Here's another:


I love that song Kreskin, thanx.

I'm actually surprised this thread wasn't filled with "BS"'s and "ya right"'s

Bear, in popular music he's the greatest songwriter of all time. Second place isn't on the radar screen. Not much to dispute.
A world without borders of any kind.........definitately my idea of perfection.
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Bear, in popular music he's the greatest songwriter of all time. Second place isn't on the radar screen. Not much to dispute.

You'ld be surprised how many people call that piece "tripe" "over sentimental garbage". If he had written it back in the heady days of the British Invasion, I might have agreed. But this piece was written from the heart, as far as I can tell. I beleive he wrote it when they were in Montreal as well.

It is a great song and something to actually strive for.
I love that song. It just really speaks to what should be our, and the rest of the world's, guiding principle.

There has been a recent cover of this song. I'm not sure of who does it but I think it's system of a down but I could be wrong. It's darker and more somber then the orginal. Sorta saying, "Look at the chance we had, look at what we could have done but we let it slip away." Alot of people don't like but I do.
"BS"', "ya right"......
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"BS"', "ya right"......

I knew I could count on you Juan.
Thanks for posting this tune, hadn't heard it for a while. Good to listen to if you catch yourself getting cynical or pessimistic.

A pleasant fiction and contrast to daily events. It's a long long road to Lennon's dreams.

In principle, it doesn't seem so hard, in execution, almost impossible.

How do you make a hard line Palestinian have a civil discusison with a hard line Israeli soldier... ?

... there'd better be snacks. And lots of booze.

Bear, I thought you'd only tear up when you get slag in your eye.
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