The next Generation of Remembering.

Bit, don't read this. You're going to think it's another recruitment story.

But allas it is true.

This year my oldest's Squadron has been invited to the local Memorial services to represent the Cadets.

So all week he has been prepping his uniform. It literally has been ironned to within an inch of its life. His Poppy is placed over his heart. Now he's working on his boots, three days as of last night.

I was on here last night, when I had to bail suddenly, due to a fight breaking out between my boys. I ran to their room to break it up and find out what was going on. I looked in to see my oldest beating his brother with his dress boot. I quickly eneded that and proceeded to find out what started the frucus.

I asked my oldest. His reply was, that his little 10 year old brother kept putting his thumb on the freshly polished toe of my oldests boots. To this my query was "Ya so he's been doing that since you got them, you usually squack at me and I find him something ugly to do, until you're done."

"This is different Dad!" He answered.

"Ya, how so?" I asked.

This is where Bit's gunna get uptight,lol.

"Dad, when I polish my boots for a regular Cadet meeting, I polish them for my pride. When i polish them for a general or annual inspection, I polish them for my Squadron's pride. Right now, I'm polishing them for their pride."

I didn't have to ask who he was referring to. I just took got my youngest out and found something for him and I to do, while my oldest finished polishing his boots.
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Wow what a great story Bear, you are most definetly raising your boys with values. I salute you.
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Wow what a great story Bear, you are most definetly raising your boys with values. I salute you.

Thanx Sass, just have to teach kids their history and to respect others. They are not stupid. If you give them the real good basics, they will do the rest on their own. Mine surprise me all the time. Even my youngest, crazy bugger reminds me of me.
Pat yourself on the back Bear, you are doing a great job of raising your children with "Values".

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