The Weekend Leisure Hours

It's a Saturday YAY followed by a Sunday YAY...

It seems my whole life I have looked forward to the weekend for whatever reason I could drum up - plans for things to do, seeing people, catching up on reading, all kinds of choices....and watching some sports on television....

What are y'all up to this weekend.

Anyone have some out of the world plans to share?

Have a good one peeps and BEHAVE YOURSELVES eh?
Right now we have a long weekend in Russia - we have a holiday, that used to be celebrated on the 7th of November, devoted to the "Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution". Now we don't celebrate it anymore, we have some kind of another holiday, so work starts only on Tuesday!!!!!
Sleeping, walking, smoking, shopping - here I come!!!!!
LOL Vereya

You left out "behaving yourself" hahaha! Have a great time.

You left out "behaving yourself" hahaha! Have a great time.

I will put off "behaving myself" till Tuesday!!!!
And thanks for your good wishes! It's a fantastic weekend so far!!

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