Legal "Notice"

Duey, Screwem & Howe Attorney’s at Law

653 Ventura Blvd, Hollywood California

Dear Canadian Content.

We at Duey, Screwem & Howe are the legal representatives for one Alfred E. Neuman, whom from here on out will be referred to as the “client”. In all matters of financial and legal dealings.

It has been brought to our attention that one “gopher”, whom from here on out shall be referred to as “the rodent”. Has been using the likeness of our client, while posting anti American, anti Christian and anti Western theology or literature as a member of your form.
We here by give notice that a writ of cease and desist was signed and ordered by District Court justice, H. Angemhi. On or about the 22nd Day of October, in the year of our over Lord “Bushy Jr” 2006. At U.S. District Court 300 S 4th St, Minneapolis MN.
It is the contention of our client that the use of his likeness, by someone so maliciously denigrating the Great ideals of our Proud America, is against the terms and conditions of the licensing arrangement set out in perpetuity with the licensee.
Further more, our client considers himself a very proud American and can not in good conscience allow this to continue, unabated.
Our client, feels that a Country so beautiful and full of itself, that supplies our client with endless material to satirize, should not be impugned by the likes of this individual.
It is here by determined by our client, that this individual is likely “OFF HIS ROCKER”. This is the contention of our client and is by no means our thoughts. We could not in good conscience print what we think of the rodent.
Our client loves a good joke, but the rodent has all the humor of a bus load of bunnies on fire. Not to mention, the intellectual capacity of an egg cup. We may retract that statement later, as we do not want to offend egg cups.
At this time we would like to retract our original use of the term “rodent” to describe the fore mention “gopher”, as we have just been served a writ of cease and desist by the Rats of NY City society.

We appreciate your assistance and cooperation in this matter.


U. Screwem, Attorney at Large.

P.S. You haven’t by chance seen my mashugina pastrami samich?

(I love a good haha, have a blast)
Bloody Brilliant, thanks for the laugh. Are the rats in NYC protesting for Gopher? We used gun powder in Manitoba to rid our land of Gophers, light the wick and drop it down the hole and boom no more Gopher just a little bit of fur that rots and feeds the lawn.
Hmmmmm. Who is this legal beagle person?
Now that's funny.
Good one. But Gainer lives!
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