Derek Acorah, ex-footballer and now a medium and the star of British TV show "Most Haunted Live" - in which Derek and his colleagues visit famous haunted buildings around Britain and investigate them at night with the lights turned off whilst TV viewers watch it live as it happens - tells us some spooky tales especially for Halloween.........

Medium Derek's Halloween tales

Spooky stories ... TV's Derek Acorah


OCTOBER 31, 2006

TELLY medium Derek Acorah is the nation's favourite ghost hunter.

He's famous for tracking down spirits in the spookiest corners of the country and conveying 'messages' from the dead.

And below, Scouser Derek - who also starred in hit TV show Most Haunted - gives a masterclass for Sun readers wanting to do a bit of ghost-busting this week.

Here he reveals a string of top tips - including how DOGS can be dead good at tracking down spirits.

Derek claims pooches are perfect because they can sniff out ghouls that humans can't.

The star – whose new DVD, Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns 2 is out now – says it’s easy to track down the spectres lurking in your hometown.

"Introduce yourself to the paranormal side of things. Talk to like-minded friends and go on a ghost walk in the most haunted locations," he told us.

"Take tools, such as a flashlight, a camera, and a piece of a paper and a pen so you can jot things down as they happen.

"And if one of you has got a dog, take it along. Most dogs are so sensitive to spirits they'll let you know if one is around."

Plus, if you’re looking for evidence of a paranormal encounter, Derek recommends packing a tub of talcum powder.

"There's nothing better than tracing a bit of powder down," he said. "You may see a spirit hand or footprint."

But where should you begin your search? Derek believes that spirits are lurking in every building in the land.

Scary ... he reckons every home in Britain is haunted

"Wherever people have lived, they leave behind part of their energy. It will go into the fabric of the walls, the floors and the ceilings.

"And every now and again," the medium continued, "this energy will come out as a ghostly apparition. You’ll see it, it won’t see you, and it will float away through a wall or a ceiling."

If you’re lucky though, you might even be able to have a natter with one of the ghosts you encounter on your Halloween hunt – but you might be shocked by just how much they know about you.

During a recent recording of Ghost Towns, Derek was himself surprised by the chilling depth of knowledge some spirits shared with him.

"We were in one house and 'they' were talking about the owner – his financial situation, his work, his personality. I thought it was most unusual," he recalled.

“I asked them why they were telling me all this and they said it was to prove that they existed. Even I was alarmed by what they knew about him."

The spooky psychic is also convinced we'll soon be faced with verifiable proof of the existence of ghosts. "I am expecting at any time a full materialisation of a spirit person to be photographed and heard," he said.

"It will stay and will communicate and then the energy will disperse.

"I notice in conversations with some of the higher kindred souls that they are working on this. It's the height of discussion over in the spirit world - they want this to happen."

Until that day comes though, we’ll have to trust the extraordinary powers of Derek to act as a medium between the living and the dead.

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