My son is 18 today

And I can't stop crying. How the hell did this happen? When did he turn into a man? I want my little boy back. I'm truly devastated and I really never ever expected it. I always thought I would be excited when my little baby turned 18, but I'm not. I hate it, I feel sick and I want to crawl into bed and never get out. Worse is, I don't even get to see him today and he wouldn't let me take him out for dinner. I don't have the money to get him an expensive present to even celebrate it properly. And worse than that, he works until seven tonite and again at 8 am tomorrow (HAHA, how's adult life treating ya?)(ok, that was mean!)

I wrote him a poem and posted it on my website. I slid a birthday card under his door. I won't even get to hug him.

So any advice? I'm sure tons of you have had this happen.

Is this the son of the wild telephone surveys and polls??? Greta you talk as if you have lost your son when rather you are now seeing the result of eighteen years of loving a young baby, boy, teen and now man.

It is the prime result of an investment in love and while mothers weep for what "was", you should be so
happy you still have the opportunity to do all of the special things you want to do - perhaps not today but
in many of the days to come in the future.

Look upon it as a new beginning, a new kind of relationship which from where I stand - a loving and very comfortable one - which isn't easy in our families of today.

Well done to you mom..... enjoy your day....celebrate your son with or without his presence and your gift of writing a note to him is the best gift of all - because it is created by you - not bought at some slick store and wrapped up in ribbon - but from your heart and your gut.

And for the young fella with the birthday today - have a great day - it's a special turning point in your life - and I wish you a wonderful year ahead as an adult in our crazy world... from what I have read from your mother - you are well prepared to take it on.
Curiosity my friend! How have you been? I miss these boards you know, and all my buds on them.

Yes, this is the one of the phone scripts and surveys. Thank you for you kind words and yes, I'm feeling as though I've lost him. Sigh.

You cheered me up. I will get off of my closet floor now.

Back at ya !!

Tell the truth from what I see some of my friends' kids - you are just starting another phase. Some kids have it so good they hate to leave home at all! haha.

Then they try it out for size and still return.

We can continue this when you go through the different cycles!

Meanwhile - make a birthday surprise for when you KNOW you will have him home... birthdays can always be celebrated on another day! You know best what he likes. He is totally lucky to have you for a mom.

Now up off that floor GG - there's a bunch of living to do...!
Man I feel for you. My Son is only 11 and I see it happening now, however, if I take me for example, I wanted little to do with my Parents at way of showing independance. A few years later I was quite available to my parents since I "had shown them"

It's a phase....Like all phases in life it changes...
Well, I'm feeling slightly better now.

The worst part was when I was buying his card. Of course, for such an occasion, you need the specific "YOU ARE 18" card. So as I'm searching for it, I see some woman with her little boy about 11 looking through the cards as well. So I'm throwing my kid into adulthood and this lucky woman gets to still have a little boy. It's not like I hurt her or threw stuff at the woman or anything, but for a split second, I hated her guts.

Needless to say I was crying while searching for the card, but I can laugh at it now.

I'm proud of my son. He works full time and goes to school at night. He helps me with life and makes me laugh. I wanted to hold onto my baby for one more minute, but it's ok that I can't, one day I'll have grandbabies to hold.

I went from being a single mom, to a lone adult in one split second. I'm not a single mom anymore, I'm just living side by side with my grown son.

Just wish the kid would learn to cook.
If he learns send him on over

Yep there are stages to life..and we all go through them.

I left home at 18, the same month as my sister. Never thought twice about it. I had a job and got an apartment..the world was mind. It was only a few years ago I talked to my Mom and found out she went through hell after we left. From two teenages at home one day to the tick tock of the clock on the wall the next....

I happened to her, it will happen to me too, but as you said it's a point in time, we never like to go to the next phase when we are unsure of what it is.

Our job has been to raise good kids into good adults...It sounds like you suceeded!!! Congrats!!

He will thank you some day..just maybe not today
GreenGreta, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself great job young woman. Your discription of him sounds like he's a well rounded sensible hardworking young man that can't cook. All this and only 18, I'd say you did one hell of a job raising him.
Awww, thanks Sass, I really appreciate all your kind words you guys.

I just went and snuck up on him at work and he gave me **** because "I'm sorry, but I'm helping a customer mom" Then he rolled his eyes like the punk he is.

Haha, gotta love that kid o mine.
GreenGreta he loved every minute of it, when you stop trying to hug him that will upset him. I'd place a smily but I'm in smily prison, I haven't been able to post a smily in a week.
Quote: Originally Posted by SassylassieView Post

I'd place a smily but I'm in smily prison,

that probably isn't as fun as it sounds.

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