Happy Birthday

Say "Happy Bithday, Colpy".

Today, October 26, 2006, I am 52 years old.

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Say "Happy Bithday, Colpy".

Today, October 26, 2006, I am 52 years old.


happy birthday.and hope you have a happy life and heathy body.
from a CHINA girl.
Happy Birthday, Colpy!
I wish you all the best!!!
could you tell me what would you want to do today ,Coply
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Happy Birthday, Colpy!
I wish you all the best!!!

hello ,i am a China girl.and i want to have a foreign friend.do you want to be my friend?
waitting for your reply.
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What I would LIKE to do is spend the day in the woods......it is hunting season here, and I enjoy that. I especially like it when my wife comes along, which she often does just for the walk, but ONLY during grouse season. She won't go near the woods with me if I am hunting deer, she couldn't stand to see one shot..........

I'm not really a serious hunter, I basically enjoy the woods, and the day, and the shooting if it happens......but I've lost the hard urge to kill I had in my youth.......

Or I would like to spend the day with my family, wife, son, daughter-in-law, grandson, step-grandson (who shares my birthday), and my daughter......

What I will do is go to a funeral for a good friend's father in the afternoon, and then go to work at 5:30.......until 2 AM.


Happy B-Day Colpy!

Hope this year brings everything you could wish for!!
Colpy,i think you are a blessdness man,I like the life you described.
I think not
Happy Birthday Colpy!
hippo birdy 2 ewe's

It's your Birthday..what are you doing here hahahha
Happy Birthday Colpy
52 years of wisdom!!

You were born in the YEAR OF THE HORSE, assuming you're CHINESE.

Otherwise, you are a Scorpio.

Amongst other things.

Happy Birthday Colpy.
Oh Oh Colpy - I hate to report this news to you....

You share a birthday with Hillary Clinton ........
Heyyo soldia boy you pay five dolla for sucky sucky lol

(sorry just your sudden amount of chinese interest leads me to a sudden-exponential-pre-requisite of pre-ponderance thew!!)

Happy Birthday, and see if you can find a cake that will fit 52 candles!!!
Happy Birthday Colpy, now put the cake down and walk away from the plate. Yes put the fork down also, so what did the misses buy you for your Birthday??? A new power tool? Snow blower?

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