Wow, I hit a jackpot with an article that was at the local university library that deals with a Indian affairs official who writes about Residential schools, or in this case, Residences as she calls them in 1972. And I wouldn't have found this article that is in like a childbook format if I hadn't browsed the shelves.

First she makes mention that it is not good in most institutions to have children especially to group together because it doesn't do any good for the child to be far away from family and friends. However, in the case of Aboriginal people it was good to have such residences because their parents didn't know how to properly take care of the children and having all these aboriginal children in this one place with 'loving' staff is good for them.

However, that paints them as just an Indian and forget tribal differences of some and the heckling some must of had for being of a different tribe.

Also she makes the assumption that if they taught residences in the Indian ways they would be as criticized as the way they did raise them.

The book or article is short, 83 pages in all and is called the Melting Snowman, which is obvious in the title alone, the melting of Indigenous culture, or that is what I assume. Its a good read.