Conspiracy Theory Groom Lake Area 51

With all the hullabaloo regarding UFOs and "secret" advanced flight design aircraft testing as well as of course a reasonably well documented history available on the Web, there's little doubt that the government and several wealthy/powerful corporations operate this facility and have done so for some time.

My interest is in examining the consituent elements behind the various conspiracy theories and comment regarding the wisdom or lack thereof on the part of industry and government turning curiosity into purposeful vehicle for deception.

I certainly care and consider it important that my government be afforded every reasonable latitude in the security of new technology built by and paid for by the American people (maybe Canada has a Groom Lake but if we do it's probably used for testing snow machines and winter apparel) in the case of Area 51 but I think its also reasonable that governments who will necessaritly divert significant "public" money into black-box projects must also be held accountable for how they're using that money.

The skunk works after the closure of Avro Arrow became common ground to many Canadian engineers and technicians involved in developing lots of wonderful new gizmos for Lockheed etc...

Is it reasonable given that governments do maintain secret projects like Groom Lake and Like prisons and detention centres in other countries because American and Canadian law specifically prohibits something those nations and their prisons don't...that there may very well be very legitimate constructivist theories that get regularly dismissed as "conspiracy theories.....?
I don't want this to sound "political" because it's certainly not intended that way...

Are there any folk surfing through these forums familiar with the drug testing that took place in Montreal some fifty or so years ago conducted by the FBI?
I haven't heard of that one... didn't the CIA test LSD on Canadians though? I recall reading that somewhere.
Yes that may have been McGill in Ottawa I seem to recall something happening there along those lines.
I checked out the Tin Foil Hat thread and the conversation (that isn't personal and vindictive) covers the topic very well and we obviously don't need this thread....

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