Now I heard a story from a friend who said that they heard from a co worker that they were talking to a American soldier who wanted service with T-mobile, my friend's friend works for T-mobile and this American soldier said that he was in iraq and he enjoyed shooting at the "ragheads" (men, women and children), he didn't care they were just rag heads. So she disconnected the call to ensure at least with her he would not get service with T-mobile and she was called an Anti-American.

So why is it okay for someone to be an Anti-Muslim person which the majority of the people on thid board is, and you can't be so called anti-American because you have a racist (bag of crap) who disgraces the uniform.
I don't tolerate Racist remarks from anyone, and that is all your friend had to say. Or she could of threatened to report this mystery person. Researcher, it's story after story about the Evil US with you, I'd tell you to grow up but you are to young to understand what that means. Your hatred will make you ill, read a comic book or something.
Well I can only speak for myself...

I'm neither Anti-Moslem or Anti-American...

I'm Anti-Stupidity.
i think it was perfectly fair to hang up BUT it's also very possible that the soldier was winding the employee up. they do that you know. After seeing the **** they see they develop a very sick sense of humour
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