An interesting article on the Media.

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You'd think the 'media' would lead the 'multimedia' charge, right?
But no. The most interesting stuff remains exclusively on the internet, and not on press sites either.

Despite being the Luddite-In-Residence around these parts, I'm determined to get in on this multimedia thing, and YouTube offers as good a place to start as any.

As long as you don't mind some strong language, check out CF troops engaged in Afghanistan in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

In fact, there's a whole selection available at YouTube with the right search criteria.

I find it astounding that none of this is showing up on CTV, CBC, or CanWest newscasts, despite the recent completion of Op Medusa, the most sustained combat involving Canadian troops since the Korean War. It's not like there's a shortage of actual pointy-end soldiering to film and air.

Here's my question: are the embedded reporters and their camera crews not following the troops off the base in Kandahar when they go into the field to fight, are the producers at the various television networks keeping the film in the can because they don't think it will sell advertising, or is there some editorializing going on to present an intentionally incomplete picture of what's happening in Afghanistan to the Canadian people?

I don't know the answer to that question. I suspect it's a combination of the first two options: the journalists don't get out in the field with the troops often enough, and when they do, all their producers will air are short clips and soundbites. I hope we haven't sunk so low that this is all about brazen manipulation of the imagery.

All I know is that we sure see a lot of the ramp ceremonies for the fallen, and not much else from the network news.

Interesting that Youtube is showing pictures of our Military in action but MSM isn't, I'm starting to feel like the Thanks Giving Turkey and I know where I'd like MSM to stick the drivil I'll call stuffing and it isn't in my ****. is a site based on our Military it has blogs and such.
While you see broadcast, newspapers, radio, go
through consolidated ownership, you are seeing
a democritization and therefore an anarchy
on the internet.
News reporting has been reduced to fragmentary blips. Today's generation has an attention span registering in milliseconds. To be a cover story there has to be a sensational footage to grab our attention and even then, we opt out pretty quickly.

If you are REALLY interested in the crisis of media coverage, you need to read
Compassion Fatigue by Susan Moeller
Interesting... The internet has definitely changed things and brought some newsworthy stories to light, but I also think it offers some of the most biased crap out there.

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