What a fabulous and fascinating place this is

Dexter Sinister
It has just struck me that there's an unusually large number of intelligent and thoughtful people posting here. There's the usual complement of total dipsticks and idiots of course, as you'll find on any Internet message board, and they come and go, but the core of this place seems to me, after several years of surfing and posting here, to consist of thoughtful and intelligent people. There are many of them that I fundamentally disagree with, and the converse is also true, yet reasoned discourse seems to be the norm. I'm an atheist, for instance, and there are some committed Christians here (Hi Jay!) that I have deep differences with, but I can respect their views and they can respect mine while disagreeing deeply about them.

Somehow this place seems to me to be quintessentially Canadian. We are many and varied, we may have fundamental disagreements, but everybody is welcome and nobody's tossed out for having different opinions. You can get tossed out for being a jerk, but not for having different opinions.

So to all of you, I say thank you, for being who you are, for being interested, for caring, and for putting your opinions out there. I have learned much from my lurking here, and from posting, and from reading the responses to what I and others have posted. And I hope I've been able to provide the same services to others.

Blessings upon you all.
I agree. Hear Hear. Escpecially about the forum being quintessentially Canadian. It's this kind of thing that gives me respect for Canada.

I'm glad to be part of this community, and can't wait to be part of Canada
Thank you Dexter:

Did you have one of those incense smoky things on a chain to wave around when you gave us your blessing??

Sandalwood is nice.

Yer rite about this place though. reely rite. Or is that left? Anyway, it's quinte.......quinta.......quintassen.....what you said......Canadian. Gotta love it.

I found this place looking for stuff on Quebec seperation...

Ironically, this place has the great merit of making me feel more Canadian... It changed my perspective...

So cheers to all of you!

(but don't expect me to shut up in threads on Quebec nationalism!!!)
What a lovely thread to wake up to! Thanks, Dexter, for reminding me to appreciate Canadian Content.

I've met some of the most interesting, intelligent, funny people here and found friendships I value greatly (count yerself among those!). In the "real world" I would probably have missed connecting with a great many of the folks here.

Again, Dex, thanks. Nice way to start my day!!
Why thank you Dexter Sinister.
Dexter's got it right.

Great place.

Even the Brit forums don't do this well.

This forum has:

1. the best graphics, pleasing to the eye, options
and buttons placed on screen intuitively and logically.

2. a lot of activity all through the day and night
and much more than most other fora !!

3. left leaning, but much more politically tolerant
than other forums

4. as Dexter says, a lot of intelligent people lurking about
and of all ages.

Except one thing.

There ain't no black people in this white cracker
Hey Dexter.

I think you hit it right on the nose, sometimes it's hard to define what Canadian is, but the short space of time that I have been here I think this place to me is part of what being Canadian is all about.

I think you are right that people can feel free to agree and disagree and discuss a variety of issues openly and honesly. Thank you for the insight and for the theard.
Good to hear that.

It seems I didn't come to the wrong place.
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by oldnugly

Did you have one of those incense smoky things on a chain to wave around when you gave us your blessing?

Naw, I just lifted a glass of fine old scotch and drank a toast to everybody.
Likewise Dexter, I've learned a lot from you. As a fellow scientists, your posts about science are some of the best posts I've read.

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