Anna Nicole Smith her son found dead.

I don't care for her much either way, but she seems to have been close to her son, and for some reason I feel really sorry for her. She is said in the article to be devastated.

She just had a little girl and he flew over to see his sister and now he's been found dead. NO drug or alchol is suspected at this time.

I just feel really bad for her. Here is the link if anyone wants to have a read.,00.html (external - login to view)
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The death of Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son was termed "suspicious" Wednesday by the coroner's office, which scheduled a formal inquiry that could lead to criminal charges.

I don't know... I just feel that there's something there... It sounds fishy to me... (the death I mean) I feel sorry for her too... I watched ET last night and she seem to adore her son very much

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