Are you a fixer or a buyer?

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Fix it! Why waste money? 3 100.00%
Buy new! Why waste time when you can get something new? 0 0%
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Whenever something is broken or worn out I always say "I could fix that!" and my girlfriend just looks at me like im crazy. I figure that I dont have anything to lose. Id rather fix something than just go out and buy a brand new one.

As we speak right now im dismantling my clock radio because the clock set button doesnt work. If all else fails, Ill just unplug it at midnight

edit:fixed your title....#juan
If it's made in China it's propably cheaper to buy it new than fix it.
First I try to fix it....then I buy a new one.
Well fixing it works sometimes, besides it's fun to try, so why not?
I try to fix the evvironmental issues. I have a product that will increase your mileage 20% while reducing emissions 50%!!!!

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