Walking 60k's this weekend

I'm off to the Walk to End Cancer in Vancouver, leaving tomorrow..possibly returning in traction Sunday night. It's probably easy for you young whippersnappers but this old decrepit guy won't have an easy time of it. 35k Saturday, 25k Sunday.

A funny thing happened last Sunday. I intended to walk about 10k, kind of a wind down to rest up this week. Part of my planned walk was through Campbell River's Beaverlodge Lands. Beaverlodge is a protected area, known for its diverse ecology. I ended up getting lost, wandering an additional 10k or so in the middle of nowhere trying to find my way out. My biggest concern was bears or cougars. Both inhabit the area and are often seen (bears more than cougars), even in the areas well travelled. There I was walking the trails created and used by wildlife. Not a comfy feeling. I eventually crossed paths with a couple who were riding horses - asked them how the hell I could get out. They pointed me in the right direction. So I ended up doing a little longer of a training walk than anticipated. Hopefully it helps me this weekend.

Entrance to Beaverlodge Lands
Kreskin ... that picture is beautiful. Isn't the Island really a paradise?!!

Man, you have my total respect ... could not imagine walking 60 k's, no matter how good the cause. Hell, if my survival depended on it I'd probably just dig a hole and pull the dirt in after me.

Take lots of pics and bring back all the details for those of us who will never experience such a thing.
Thank you for the well wishes Cosmo! The Island is beautiful. I use to live a couple blocks from that entrance so I thought I knew those trails well.

Between water bottle and other assorted carry-ons I'm not sure if I'll have my camera with me. If I can I will.
Well I survived to talk about it.


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