Steel BBQ brushes... beware.

I recently had an unfortunate accident where I consumed a steel britsle from a BBQ brush, which people commonly use to clean their grills.

The bristle from the brush got caught in some fat on the grill, which then became lodged in a piece of pork tenderloin. After eating a portion of the pork, I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my esophagus. I tried to tough it out for approx 1 hour, before I realized I needed to go to the hospital.

Upon admitance to the Ajax'Pickering hospital, I had chest and abdominal x-rays, which showed that this piece of steel was lodged about 2 inches below my adam's apple. From this point, they decided they needed a ENT doctor to remove this from me. They fed me some valium them rolled me to the OR, where they knocked me out and removed it with a Fiber Optic Camera and some sort of tweezers.

Upon waking up, I no longer felt the jabbing sensation in my throat... I was some kind of sore though, needing 3 days off work to heal. Plus a night at the hospital.

Moral of the story is... Wash your grill after cooking, having steel stuck in your throat sucks!
I've used a steel brush on the barbeque for years. About two years ago I was cleaning the grill with a wet cloth when I somehow got a steel bristle stuck in my thumb. I'm glad it went in my thumb instead of someone's throat. Your point is well taken.
I use one of those pads with the plastic scrubbing stuff.


I realize this is going to tank the thread but...

how was the service in the hospital?
A steel brush is still the best tool to get the baked on grime off barbeque grilles. You just have to be careful. Durka suggested washing the grille after using the steel brush. Probably a good idea.
but but but

once you've blasted the hell out it its the tastiest part

actually the pad works fine unless you're cooking droop stuff. I've been meaning to get a wire brush to knock the chunks off the sides and bottom but I never get around to it.

The absolute best way to clean barbeque grilles is to take them off the barbeque and put then in the oven and turn on the oven clean cycle. They come out as shiny as a new dollar. A minor drawback is that they stay hot for hours. :P
The service at the hospital was pretty good, other then having to wait for 3 hours to see the doctor initially. All the overnight rooms were full, so I ended up having to stay in the pediatric ward.

three hours must have seemed like a long time. breathing ok and stuff? glad it turned out alright.

they have a kids movie for you to watch at least?
My throat is back to normal now, couldn't eat much for the first 2 days.

Unfortunately, there was no TV there... I read magazines for a hour or 2, then went to sleep with the assistance of pain killers. The nurses they had on that floor were very cute though.


you talk them into giving you a set of t-threes?
They gave me enough t-3's for about 2 days, which did the job for the most part. They gave me IV valium before i went into the operating room though... I didn't care to much about getting operated on after that.
If you ask me that alone is worth a three hour wait.
haha, true enough.
Holy crap. Now I'm going to be a total paranoid about BBQ'd food! Hope you're feeling better. Thanks for letting us know.

We live in an apartment building and can't have a BBQ, so we have to broil everything. Guess I can quit complaining about that now, eh?

Man, you picked a tough way to get a couple days off work!!
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