Which is Better???

Vinch here from Alberta.im into selling antiques and stuffs.Also im into real estates. id wanna ask you guys which is better to post it on international sites like ebay or local sites for Alberta like bazaario?
Why not do both?
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Why not do both?

im plannning to.but i was intruiged by this article i read somewhere and i quote:

"Ebay did a wonderful job of introducing
the Internet community to online auctions,
but things are changing! People are
finding that they don't have to stay with
one place only, especially if they are not happy
with the fees, services and policies of that website.

There are many smaller and niche auction sites out
there that are doing quite well, and this will only continue
to blossom, as more and people realize they do have a
choice in the places that they can offer their products and services."

thats why i wanna try local auction sites.
auction sites look ok and accessible at the comforts of our home but somewhat we have to be aware on such things or other terms and conditions though.
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yes im aware of that as well. ive encountered shipping problems in the past.thats why im thinking that i focus more in selling locally in within Canada only.the more logical thing for me is to try this local sites like redflag and bazaario rather than ebay which is too floodied.

what i wanna ask is ,has anyone tried this local sites and are they any good?
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