Canoeing: Death Sport 2

So when i was in Air Cadets in the GTA about three to four years ago I was at ITLC. And so we went canoeing.

The guy I was partnered with was lighter then me however somehow i ended up at the front of the boat which is a no-no at canoeing. So as you can gather like the Kiyaking this is my first time in a canoe.

So we go along doing a 6 K.M trip around Trenton and the Quanton Bay I believe it is called.

However, the guy i am with looses his paddle. No problem we turn around and I reach out for the paddle, which again is another no-no. We flip.

The guy is flung clear of the canoe, and somehow i end up beneath the canoe floating happily.

However, we finally flip the canoe the right way and try to clime in which is again a no-no as it is filled with water and begins to sink. However, the rescue boat arrives the two occupants grab the boat, assist the other guy into their boat, and they rev up the engine as i am have way in and half way out of the rescue boat with its sharp motor propeller just several feet away if I fell back in.

Luckily, I was pulled into the boat and then they helped us back into the canoe when it was clear of water and we were on our way.
see I dont agree with that too.....Canoeing can be fun, if you know what your doing, I've done some canoeing near monterrey, it's not bad
Oh I love canoeing once I learned how to do it, but this is just for fun. Nothing serious about it.

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