Kayaking: Death Sport

Now this happened last summer. So here I was doing some Kayaking on the Nanaimo River, spending my first summer in Nanaimo with some other students from the University i go to.

So we were on the river and I had done one or two dunks already and had exited the little boat under controlled conditions. However, as we had just finished going over the rapids in Nanaimo River, I flipped my boat.

Okay everything was fine, I pulled he little skirt thing that you cover the entrance with and started to get out. However my legs got stuck in the boat. So I had lost my paddle and therefore couldn't right myself, and I couldn't get out of the boat. So somehow I was able through strength along break the calm of the water by almost righting my boat and taking in huge gulps of air and thrashing around and such. I think I startled a few people.

So an instructor came over in his kiyak and I reappeared above the surface and latched onto the back of his boat almost tipping him over. After trying to get me off with no avail we floated to the shore where I was finally able to get out of the kiyak.
ah but have you ever kiyaked down the ocoee? (in virginia) I've rafted and kiyaked down it, amazing, simply amazing
No but at the end of the kiyak session i lost my paddle again. And I had to swim to the paddle that was a the mouth of the Pacific ocean and actually floated out into the Bay.
ahha,, I remember falling out of my raft and also losing my paddle, it's all part of the fun - really

I mean, you can get seriously, seriously injured by any of these water sports, but thats the thrill of it
Yeah it was fun. I enjoy it, and I would do it again.

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