Which One looks Better Part Two

View Poll Results: Which one is a better looking flag
Canadian 9 75.00%
American 2 16.67%
British 1 8.33%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

I did this as Part two:

Canadian Flag:

American Flag


British Flag:

And it wasn't that hard at all to choose the Canadian flag.
Canadian flag forever, and I don't care what it looks like.

Actually all three of the flags are attractive in their own way. But I love Canada and it's flag means everything.
The Canadian flag is the best looking flag.
I like the simplicity of the canadian flag, but the colours and the symmetry of the british flag. Im not really a fan of the american flag though, theres too many lines and no symmetry
Anyone else?? Come one the Canadian flag is so good. What's not to like about it.
I like the Canadian flag in all of its forms EXCEPT when I see it sewn on people's backpacks in Europe or anywhere else in the world. Seriously, when you do that you're nothing but a walking cliche. Does anyone else find that annoying?

All of the flags that you've posted are attractive in their own way.
I agree about it on the backpack. However, some of those guys in Europe walking around with the Canadian flag are Americans who don't want people to know they are Americans, and they may soil the good name of Canadians.
Not only do the Americans that you've described annoy me, but so do Canadians who do it to show that they aren't American. If some ******* treats you like crap because he/she thinks you're from a certain country, then he doesn't deserve your business or should just be ignored for being an, um, *******.

I've never had a problem with being confused for an American, and sometimes I even tell people that I am American if they ask, just for ****s and giggles
Only four votes. Which one do you like.
although that image of the Union Jack is pretty bad I still like their flag the best.

The Canadian flag is nice, but I think I like it more for the patriotic felling than its design.

So to be objective I chose the Union Jack.
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Fair enough.
Personally I like the American flag, then the Canadian and then the UK's union jack.

What can I say I'm a solid Democratic-Republican. =-D
Thanks Jersay
Finally you put Canadian Flag.

I clicked 10 times on radio buttom. But I got only one vote.

Canadian Flag.

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