How Old Are You?

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16 years old and younger 0 0%
16-18 years old 2 4.08%
18-20 years old 4 8.16%
20-25 years old 9 18.37%
25-35 years old 8 16.33%
35-50 years old 18 36.73%
50-75 years old 8 16.33%
75 years old and older 0 0%
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Im 43
Jim stop fooling around with your wifes birth control pills, it's making ya strange. Midol Jim will help ease the pain of the saran wrap burn.

I'm @#$Q#$ years of age, I'm to damn old and much to young to care.
huh? whats that I can't hear you with my one bad ear..the other one rotted off
I'd answer your post Bill but my GD walker is caught up in my support pantyhose.
Bill...who's Bill?? .....Nurse I have ta pee!!
LOL Bill, Curio is more qualified to help you than I am. Curio Bill needs a little assistance.
Sassy girl..... that's Tom..... he's always on the "go"...
I still havta peeeee
Your ear rotted off, Ottowabill.

Chronologically: 40
Intellectually: 50 according to my politics
Physically: 70 according to me knees
Emotionally: 10 according to my wife
Goofy board - temper tantrum
Vicious - great post - our real age seems to have little to do with how we are....
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huh...did you say something....errr I don't haveta pee anymore
Bill maybe ya peed and didn't noticed ya did? First sign of the slippery slope of old age. Sighhhhhhh.
If I just wipe it up with my socks maybe the kids won't notice and I can stay out o the rest home another day........

Oh yeah...47 going on 80
Ha ha Bill cracked and coughed up his age Curio. I'm @@## years of age. I can't wait to go into a nursing home, I'm writing my battle plan early in case I go gaga. I'll be one of those women they strap into a posy chair and over medicate. Really, I can see my future in a home now. I hope the meds keep me happy.
Did somebody mention birth control pills ?
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