Canucklehead's Birthday!

Today's his big day! Wooot!

I know ... you prefer blondes and beer, but I like cake and since I'm posting the pic ...

Hope you have an awesome one Canucklehead!
Happy Birthday you old fart!
He seems young for his age. How old is he?

Happy birthday Mike
Well, I completely missed this thread yesterday.

Thanks all

Sandy, the cake n candles are a perfect addition to the beer n blondes I had last night... now if only they all coulda been combined "Oh what a night...." hehehe

For the record, I am old enough to know better and too young to resist. I doubt that's changing with this birthday

Now if you'll all excuse me, there is some serious sleep to catch up on still today /yawnnnn
Details, dammit, we want details! Oh! And pix. Wait ... um, ok, no pix.

Hope you enjoyed it! One day (when yer old like me) you'll look back on all this and ... well, guess what you do then depends on the details of what you did last night.

Glad you survived it.
Happy Birthday!
"Happy birthday"

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