Why do children commit more crimes recently??

I just read today alone that three boys have been arrested in vancouver for robbing several banks. At least seven I read, and just now I read five young teenagers and two pre-teenage children in Alberta are charged with murder??

So why are kids committing these violent crimes now? Have they always and because of media it is being picked up more.

Or does it have to do with changing society or something??
I think not
I wouldn't isolate it to one particular problem, I think it is a combination of issues. No parental involvement, poverty, peer pressure, society's indifference etc...
You are right about that.

But is it a new thing or has the onset of media just shown that some children, if they are rich, or poor or come from bad families commit crime?
I think not
Hard to know in my opinion. I personally feel bad for the younger generation, they have an uphill battle to fight. Things are not what they used to be, or what we think they used to be anyway.

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