What Do You Think About It?

Recently, someone told me that if all the available technology in the Western World were in Africa, african people would be better off.

What do you think about it?

I find it ridiculous. Hard work, I think, has made rich people richer.
You don't think people in Africa work hard? I don't think technology is the solution; however if people didn't spen 99% of their time trying to survive (against famine or tribal slaughter), they'd have a chance.
I am not trying to make racial distinction.

I have seen many many black people here, in Canada, don't work hard. I supervise in my job some of them, they try to escape their job, and want salary raise without any work achievements, and alway fight to show that they are right, even if they are completly wrong, sleep during working hours. If you tell them to do their job properly they fight with you for half an hour and say it's time to punch the card.

Based on my experience, I decided that they don't really work hard.
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