Girl from back east wrote me

So I believe last year I told you guys about the story of the woman or young girl I liked when I was in Air Cadets for five years. Well when I finally told her how i felt, she said she was going to Brazil for a trip and didn't want relationships, until she got back. Funny thing is, when she got back she told me about this wonderful guy she met over there. Just perfect. Sickening for me.

Then I moved and its been about two years, and somehow she found my e-mail address and now we are writing back and forth which is great.

SO when I go back east to Manitoba this summer hopefully I link up with her.
I got advice for all ANGLO women.

Don't marry non-anglos.

There's always exceptions to the rule.

But the bell curve for American and Canadian
women is bad news if they marry foreigners, or a
culture of man outside their own.

It's a lot more different out there.

It's exciting at first.

Maybe your girl found this out, Jersay.
Air cadet relationships never work. trust me. lol.

One of my friends who just retired from Air Cadets (I retired over 9 years ago) is the biggest **** and she doesn't know what she wants. So generally from what I've seen of these girls is they are either really up tight or really ****ty. Either way both are no good. lol.
aww well if talking to her makes you happy Jers, then I'm happy for ya! Best of luck with it
you know what I want to do glossprincess? Run up behind your avater and start whipping its *** with a thick leather belt...
Hahaha, well, as I've said before, I think its supposed to be fallic.....soooo, whatever floats your boat I guess
no, it just... bothers me in a way I can't explain. I mean it's green, for legged, yet hops oddly, no nose, yet a dumb *** smile, is way too happy yet as I already said dumb, and well it needs to be beat for some reason. I can't explain it.... Oh wait forgot about the long neck. If it were a real animal I think I'd club it.
Awww, now that's a bit harsh, dontcha think?!
Quote: Originally Posted by Finder

If it were a real animal I think I'd club it.

Put it out of it's misery.
I'll save you Glossy!
I have to agree with you Finder about Air Cadets and relationships, except my best friend got a girlfriend from Air Cadets, and now he has proposed to her.

With the girl in the discussion, as others have said, I follow her around everywhere like apuppy, so I guess it would be good just to get to know what is occuring since I haven't spoken in a while.
What do you mean you follow her around like a puppy? Does she live in the same town or city as you? And what ever happened with that guy from Brazil? Do you know?
Canadian with a hyphen
brazilian men are so hot
When I lived back East, we were both Air Cadets. And we had a very friendly relationship. However, when I told her I liked her in a boyfriend kind of way she said that she didn't that kind of relationship, and went to Brazil for a year.

She came back and told me all about her new Brazilian boyfriend and then I moved out west. Now after two years of not talking to each other, we have started to talk again.

Guy from Brazil, have no idea. Nor do I want to.
Do you really like her?
I was a sgt in Air Cadets. Those were odd times for sure. Cadets live a duel life of order and chaos. Order well on pariod and then drugs and drinking off the grounds. lmao.

Said1... I don't know if that animal were real I think I'd have to kill them all. Really!!! That animal brings out something violent in me. lmao
I do like the girl. I do.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jersay

I do like the girl. I do.

Oh, you're sweet!

So, you have been communicating with her but you haven't seen her in 2 years? Is this right?
Yeah so when I go to Manitoba this year hopefully she can come and visit.

If not this year, maybe next when I go to Kingston.
Wow, you seem totally okay waiting for this girl. You do realize you're holding out for her, right?
Wow, she must be pretty damn special. Are you sure she wants something with you though? Like I dont mean to sound harsh but just careful that you dont get hurt.

I had a *similar* situation last year. When I was living in Switzerland, I met a great Canadian guy and we hit it off, became great mates but he had a girlfriend at the time, so nothing ever happened. Then I started seeing one of his best mates and all of a sudden, he dumps his girlfriend. But I was happy with my guy so it didnt bother me. So I came back to Australia, he went back to Canada and we're still good friends now but in the last 6 months or so, hes been REALLY flirty when we chat online and on the phone as well. Anyway, I got it in my head that he likes me and I still like him so I decided to go to Canada at the end of this year and visit him! That's not the reason I'm going by the way, just an added bonus. But now, hes got a new girlfriend and they're pretty loved up from what I gather, he's told me ALL about her and I really dont care cos I want him!

I really hope he's not a member of this forum haha. Well if you are, then NOT fair to play hot and cold on me like that!

Wow, that was very boring and long-winded. Anyway, my point is that you gotta be careful Jers that it's something you both want before you put your life on hold for her.

Having said that, I'm rooting for ya dude!
Ya, i think the same thing to Jersay. Your feelings for her are so sweet. I would hate to see her squash your poor heart.

When you guys talk, does she say anything about what she feels for you? Do you have any kind of sense of where she coming from with you? Or are you more of a ego stroke for her? Be careful with this because there are alot of people out there who enjoy having admirers.
I hate this "anglo" this "anglo" that from the other post...what has this to do with race?.....go for it, do what u blooming like, just dont fiddle with the kids or molest donkeys and ur fine in my book!
Well she knows I like her from two years ago. But she hasn't given any hints if she has a boyfriend or not.
Well ask her! Just be upfront about it, she'll appreciate your honesty and you'll find out one way or another where you stand with her.

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