The English are "obsessed with alcopops and TV".

England is a nation of "overweight, alcopop-swilling, sex-and-celebrity obsessed television addicts", according to a travel guide

The latest edition of the Rough Guide to England also warns potential visitors that the hearts of many towns "consist of identikit retail zones".

But it praises the nation of "animal loving, tea-drinking charity donors who thrive on irony and Radio 4".

Tourist body Enjoy England has criticised the book as "unhelpful".

In particular, Enjoy England, whose role is to attract visitors, attacked the book for saying that talking to strangers, especially in London, "can be seen as tantamount to physical assault".

The organisation's Elliott Frisby told the Daily Telegraph that any book making such a suggestion was both "unhelpful and inaccurate".

"Visitors who come here frequently comment on how, rather than stand-offish, the English are extremely helpful and welcoming," he said.

'Poor transport'

The Rough Guide also warns foreign tourists about England's "over-priced, under-funded public transport services" [[all the money for public transport services goes to the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish]].

Mr Frisby told the Telegraph he accepted poor public transport was an issue, but it had not stopped London from winning the 2012 Olympic Games.

There is also plenty of praise from the Rough Guide's authors, who say England is a place "where individuality and creativity flourish, fuelling a thriving pop culture and producing one of the most dynamic fashion, music and arts scenes to be found anywhere".

It tells tourists that the country's most exciting social and architectural developments are in thriving cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle.

It also praises the natural beauty of England's beaches and says they could compare with those in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

The guide's top three English beaches are Par Beach, at St Martin's on the Isles of Scilly, and Porthcurno and Polzeath, which are both in Cornwall.

It includes a list of 35 "things not to miss" in England, which include castles, tea and Bonfire Night. .
I think that travel agent forgot that he was actually in America, and not England. That is where the overweight people are, although all other Western countries, Canada included are heading into this disaster area.

Alcopop swilling- what rot! unless he means lager and lime which I personally assure everyone is an excellent drink when using English lager. As for the fine pub ales, the reporter was obviously a teetotaller if he hasnt tried those.

sex and celebrity obsessed- Ok, they do watch the royalty stuff a bit much, but we have Britney Spears

identikit retail zones???? Ah, did the guy ever visit North Americas tinsel town Wal Mart zones???

As for the British Rail System. Yup, there are often delays or breakdowns, but the fact is that it actually is a damn good commuter system that takes you all over the country. And you can just turn up and get on and decide to go wherever. You cant even do that in the Golden Horseshoe core of Toronto. I cant decide to just go to Montreal by train on a weekend. I have to book ahead, and it takes about three days on the milk route.

BIG NOT TO MISS in England- hiking through the fantastic countryside.
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