What do city slickers do for fun.

So what do you city slickers do for fun?

Well I moved to Cow Country six months ago and wow what a difference when it comes to entertainment. No Halifax Water Front or Fishermen's warf here. However we have cool events like A Baked Beans and Brown Bread suppers at the Baptist Church, Pork suppers at the RC church, Turkey Suppers at the Penticostal Church.

There's Saturday night dances at the Legion (also known as cane and walker night) not for the faint of heart. There is also a group activity like horse shoes but they make a box out of garbage and throw hardware washers at the box thingy. Who knew that horse shoes were so expensive. I can go horse back riding when ever I want, which is never. One hour on a horse and you can be sure you'll never close your legs again.

We have monthly Auctions and when the tools come up for sale 50 grown men bid on the tools and whoop with delight when their's is the highest bid. This is a weird event because the old rust1y tools sell for more at auction than if the males bought them new. I guess it's like hunting, I'll never understand.

In the country your neighbours are prone to stopping by when ever the mood strikes them, I'm thinking of getting a gun.

Of course the wild life is abundant, I now have three rats, a pregnant raccoon, a skunk, and two dens of coyotes. I think the rat got the raccoon prego and the babies will be "Ratcoons."

I can hardly wait until the summer fun begins, where can I get a For Sale by Owner Sign?
awwww Sassie, I feel for ya! I spent about 6 years growing up 'in the country'. I hated it. We had a party line telephone - the neighbors that shared the line didn't even try to hide the fact that they picked up the phone to listen to everyone else's calls. It was the local entertainment. And if a car drove by, they'd knock ya down and run over top of ya in their rush to get to the window to see who's goin where, then spend at least an hour speculating on what the folks in said car were up to... And the gardens! OMG!! Apprently it's mandatory to participate in some kind of 'who's got the biggest garden' contest every year. Guess who worked the gardens? And Bingo. Can't ferget the weekly Bingo Nights. <shuddder>
Wildlife? Yep. We had porcupines. And a dog that eventually learned to just be waitin in the back of the pick up truck for his bi-weekly trip to the vet's to get the quills pulled outta his nose. I was 10 when we moved from the city to the acreage... our neighbors were all farmers. Our first summer there, my brother and I got up early in the mornings to ride our bikes over to the neighbors to help them feed the pigs,cows and chickens, pick eggs (ewwwww).... this only lasted a short time before we clued in that this is not in fact, a fun way to make new friends. lolll ....Oh I could go on, but I gotta stop now 'cause I'm feelin yer pain a little too much...
Run Sassie, RUN!! ... just head fer town and don't look back!!
I think not
We make fun of those who wait till the cows come home! :P

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