Biker Gangs

Since the recent biker related murders in Ontario, something has been puzzling me.

Are biker gangs outlawed?

Could somebody answer this question for me?
Nope, they are not outlawed .

Funny thing this morning on CBC radio's The Current:

The intro was something to the effect that the Tamil TIgers, a seperatist movement, are now outlawed and deemed terrorists. The Bandidos etc are not illegal AND they have a few openings atm so the Tigers should apply
I can't understand that. These biker gangs are running prostitution rings and trafficking drugs. Its organized crime, damnit.
The problem with the word "Gangs" is that it applies to so many different Criminal Elements i.e. street gangs, biker gangs, gangs of thugs etc. The law can't out-law thw word "Gangs" but the police watch these gangs very closely. There are some very legit Biker Gangs that are formed by Lawyers, doctors, vets, accountants, paint guy at Home Hardware, fishermen etc. These gangs have rides for charity functions and worthy causes. There the ones you see with Teddy Bears on the back of their bikes.
You make a good point there.
And to be a biker gang, what about people who just want to own a bike?

What do we have to look at people who ride motorcycles and think of them as gangmembers?
We don't.

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