These people should be publicly executed


The 5-year old kid was starved to death and treated worse than a dog. Those effin bastard grand parents. Nothing bothers me more than seeing kids abused by scum like that.
Disgusting bastards. How could they do that to that poor kid.
It is abhorrent that anyone would do something like this.

While I oppose the death penalty in Canada, I wish that there were some stronger means in the current Criminal Code of Canada to protect society from these people. As it stands, I don't know whether or not there is any mechanism by which persons who prove to be a danger as they are, can be properly quarantined from the rest of us.
I was watching the news earlier and apparently the Grand Mother killed her own child from neglect and that Social Services knew this when they placed the two Grand Children with her. It begs the question who's looking out for the Children of Canada?
I dont think I wanna click on the link.....these things depress me too much.
i think that people who can do such things--- arnt really people-- they may look and talk like us but they really belong to another species of creatures that happen to take human form--- they just cant be human
oh.... this people is oduim on human.. .... they must be as lesson for all people who have just thinking to do as them....they must
I'm not a religious person, but if there is a God may he rest that poor child's soul.

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